Leveraging the principles of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

HALDA will help you generate up to 5x MORE enrollment inquiries from your website.

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It's irresponsible
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Somehow Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a missing pillar in almost every Higher Edu recruitment strategy, and HALDA is on a mission to change that.

Adopting CRO best practices will make every dollar in your budget more effective, every visitor on your website more delighted, and every VP ask, "Why didn't we do this before?"

HALDA's tools and team can help you drastically increase enrollment inquiries from your own website overnight.

"To date, 70% of our leads have submitted an application. I’ve been in Higher Education Enrollment Marketing for 15 years and haven’t seen a tool yet with such rapid and relevant results. Thanks, Halda!"

Kandice King - Director Graduate Enrollment
~ University of Rochester

HALDA's Smart Forms Work For Everyone

Large public, regional public, private colleges and universities, community colleges, you name it.
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We only enter into partnerships where we know that HALDA’s Smart Form software and team can add significant value to you. As such, we offer a no-obligation and 100% free demo. This allows you to not only test drive our technology, but see how you can collect more leads than you ever have before from your existing website traffic.

The most common comment we hear after the free demo:
"Wow! This works way better than I thought it would!"
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HALDA's Smart Forms will help you 3x to 5x your conversion rate

And was built specifically for today's busy recruitment professional.

"Why didn't I do this earlier?"

Is the comment that we hear time and again from Vice Presidents for Enrollment Management from all over the country. Data shows that you are missing 3x to 5x more inquiries than you are capturing on your website right now. HALDA’s Smart Form software is here to fix that. It is custom-made for higher education recruitment and marketing teams, and you will find it is one of the most effective line items in your annual budget.

Smart Forms do not require you to change anything about your current website. Instead, the software allows you to strategically present personalized value offer overlays to the right website visitors at the right time. Our Smart Forms make it easy for you to deliver on a quid-pro-quo exchange of value with the student, which enhances the student's experience and maximizes your visitor to admission inquiry conversion rate.

The best way to really understand it is to see it in action. Book a free no-obligation demo with one of our CRO Consultants today using the link below!

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Easy to install with one quick copy-paste
Quick to customize with your branding and voice
Integrates with SLATE, Salesforce, TargetX, and more.
CRO consultation and expert setup included

Learn The Principles Of Conversion Rate Optimization.

If you are not in a position to take advantage of our conversion rate optimization tools, please at least take advantage of our knowledge and research! We consistently add tutorials, research, and tips to our CRO Academy, and this content will help you be a smarter and more efficient enrollment professional.
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