HALDA - Origins

HALDA is a Scandinavian word that means "to hold or protect," and it embodies our founders' mission to truly be partners with institutions, to protect their budgets, and to always be true to what will work best. The HALDA team is lead by Higher Education marketing veterans with 20+ years experience in student engagement, inquiry generation, and software.

HALDA's Values

We take our values seriously at HALDA, and we want you to tell us if you ever see us departing from them. Here is what we believe will help us be successful in the long run:

  1. We seek truth in everything we do.
  2. We are on offense... all the time.
  3. Our business is customer service (The Un-Vendor).
  4. Give and receive direct constructive feedback with each other often.
  5. Take thoughtful risks often (including big ones).
  6. Your job isn't done until THE job is done.
  7. If we do the right things for students, everyone wins.

Fun Stats About HALDA



Unique Students
Helped This Year:



(English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Danish, ASL, Italian, Norwegian)

(Babies born into team member families while working at HALDA)

(and counting...)

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We are pretty fun people. Whether you are interested in getting started, are curious to learn more, or just want some education about CRO and how to improve outcomes with the tools you already have, please feel free to book a time to talk with one of our consultants below. We promise it will be a comfortable, engaging, and helpful exchange.
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