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Supercharge your CRO with custom tools and expert guidance using HALDA's Smart Forms. This technology will help you instantly jump ahead to a point that would take internal teams years to build toward, and HALDA's research and development team will keep you on the cutting edge with extensively researched and A/B tested templates.
Easy To Install With One Quick Copy-Paste
Quick To Customize With Your Branding and Voice
Integrates with SLATE, Salesforce, TargetX, and More.
CRO Consultation and Expert Setup Included
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Make Every Dollar Go Further

Prior to working with HALDA, one of our clients was generating 1 qualified enrollment lead for every $800 spent on digital advertising. After implementing Smart Forms, the institution now averages 1 lead for every $20 spent on digital advertising. To get the same results without an investment in CRO, the partner would have had to spend 40x MORE. With their investment in CRO, they actually ended up spending half the budget they thought they would need and were able to reallocate funds to other neglected areas.

Increase Efficiency
Relieve Budget Pressures
Work Smarter

Halda is fantastic. The team is prompt and professional, and more importantly their solutions are proven. With Halda’s help, we were able to fill our MBA and EMBA classes."

Jason Hall - BYU MBA

Providing The Right Choice

We believe that we serve our partners best by providing the right choice (not unlimited choice) for the job you are trying to get done.

With so much else on your plate, our mission is to help you create and easily maintain a network of engaging value exchanges with prospective students that enhances their experience with your brand and your opportunity to build a relationship with them.

Here are our two guiding principles when it comes to the development of our technology:
1. Our business is customer service.
2. If we do the right things for students then everyone wins.
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Smart Forms

Why do we call our Smart Forms "Smart"? Most forms collect an inordinate amount of data from an individual and then respond with some permutation of "Thanks, we will be in touch". Smart Forms are "Smart" because they always immediately deliver on the promised value that the student is seeking. If the hook is "See if you qualify for XYZ scholarship," then the Smart Form will enable you to tell the individual yes, no, or maybe immediately after they submit the form.

Template Library

Our core work is to better understand students and build experiences that will be helpful at different moments in their enrollment journey. As such, our team is constantly inventing, testing, and publishing new templates to the template library so that you can simply select a template that is pre-populated with high quality boiler-plate content and start generating enrollment inquiries within minutes.

Notifications and Integrations

It is crucial that once a student fills out a form, that we enable you and your team to respond to them quickly. You can receive email notifications of new inquiries, download a .csv of lead data on demand, and set up an integration for automatic transfers to most CRMs.

Analytics Dashboard and Data

Our system will help you understand which Smart Forms perform best, what pages of your website produce the most inquiries, and where inquiries are coming from (both in terms of geography and whether or not the web visitor came from organic or paid sources). Our CRO Consultants will help you watch this data and use the insights to optimize your targeting, Smart Forms, and responses.

Intelligent Targeting

The key to successfully improving your conversion rate is to understand the moment that a student is in, and offer value that is helpful in that specific moment. As such, you can target HALDA's Smart Forms to show different offers on different pages of your website. You can also set triggers based on different behaviors (i.e. time on page, scroll down on page, scroll up on page, etc.). Testing different targeting for different forms is crucial to successfully engaging the highest number of prospective students.

Easy Installation

Requiring a lot of work from your IT team is usually a great way to stop a project dead in its tracks (no matter how helpful it could be). Knowing this, we intentionally designed our solution to require no more than a 20-second copy/paste as a global site tag, either using Google Tag Manager or your CMS interface. That is as far as your IT team needs to be involved. After that, you are in complete control over where, when, and how your Smart Forms are displayed to web visitors.
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Have more questions? Here are some that have been asked by your peers:

  • Q: What does it take to install?
    A: Installation takes less than 1 minute. Halda provides a small snippet of JavaScript that your team can install with a quick copy/paste.
  • Q: Can you integrate with my CRM?
    A: Yes, we integrate into all CRM's
  • Q: How much time will this take for me to set up and maintain?
    A: Very little, we know you're busy. Halda has dedicated account managers to help you through everything. We do the heavy lifting, you sit back and capture leads/apps.
  • Q: Will this slow down my website?
    A: Our technology works asynchronously so it will not impact load times on your website
  • Q: What is included in a free trial?
    A: 30 days of lead/app capture totally free with zero obligation to continue and no strings attached. We want this to be the biggest no-brainer decision you make this year.
  • Q: Will this work better than my RFI forms?
    A: Undoubtedly. We have worked with hundreds of institutions that all report higher conversion rates than their standard, static RFI forms.
  • Q: How can I tell if my Smart Form conversion is successful?
    A: Benchmarking. Simply measure how many inquiries you were receiving from your RFI forms prior to using Halda. Then, after the Halda 30-day free trial measure the difference. Did Halda add to the total monthly inquiry number from your website? Hint...the answer will be YES.
  • Q: Where do I install the Java script?
    A: The Javascript can be installed between the head tags of your site. This can be done no matter what CMS or website builder you have. Most schools use Google Tag Manager and the script can be easily installed within GTM .